Thursday, June 9, 2011

My new blog and background

This is my new blog to document my treatments for my Venousvascular Malformation or VVM.

I have an extensive VVM on the right side of my face, extending into my neck.  It it superficial, not interfering with anything. Basically, it's excess veins on my face and neck which developed before I was born. As I grow, it changes, slowly growing. 

Starting in July, I will be treated with Interlesional Bleomycin injections directly into the vein mass at Toronto Western Hospital by Dr. TerBrugge, a Neuroradiologist.  Bleomycin is a cytotoxic anti-tumour antibiotic drug that destroys the cells in the vascular wall.  It's a day surgery procedure, if all goes well I'm sent home by noon the same day.   Each session will be 6-8 weeks apart.  Due to the complexity of my VVM, Dr. TerBrugge was unable to predict how many sessions I'll need to see an improvement.  Reviewing my MRI with my neuroradiologist, I was shown that my VVM consists of 1 or 2 large 'pools' and many (50?) smaller ones.  The quantity of the smaller ones will be the challenge as each one would need to be injected to be obliterated.  The plan right now is to start with one area, then review our progress and prognosis.

I'm going to try to blog my journey.  I'm not the best at keeping up with blogs, but think this will be easier to keep everyone up to date. :)

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